Upgraded 2024

Camila Mendes plays the role of Ana having a strong aspiration of owning her own art gallery. Ana is determined to make progress in her career as a trainee at the esteemed New York auction company, Erwin. Unfortunately, her boss Claire harbors a deep dislike for her, and her coworkers treat her with utter disdain, making her professional journey incredibly challenging. An unexpected turn of events occurs when Ana mistakenly finds herself upgraded to first class during a flight. It is during this time that she encounters Will. He mistakenly believes she is the director of Erwin’s New York office. The story unfolds from there, leaving us curious about what lies ahead for Ana. Stream this movie in HD video quality on Sflix without any subscription.

Genre: 2024ComedyMoviesRomance


Duration: 1h 44m

Quality: HD