Unfrosted 2024

Unfrosted is a fictional story that imagines the origin of the Pop Tart through the eyes of its supposed creator Bob Cavanagh. In this story the delicious pastry is born out of a heated rivalry with cereal giant Post led by the cunning Marjorie Post who has managed to concoct a fantastic toaster friendly snack for children. Bob understands that Marjorie’s discovery could be a game-changer and propel Kellogg to breakfast supremacy. With the support of his boss Edsel Kellogg III and NASA scientist Donna Stankowski Bob embarks on a mission to turn Pop Tarts into a viable product. Believe it or not this is the plot of an actual movie that was written, directed, and produced. Sflix is one of the most popular streaming services for films and TV shows.

Duration: 1h 33m

Quality: HD