Under Wraps 2 2022

Hammons tells D23 that Amy and Gilbert are initially in charge of the school newspaper and are really just going about their daily lives. They come to understand that Harold has been transferred to a different museum and that a different mummy from Harold’s historical period has also been awakened and is on the prowl for Harold. Sobek, that mummy, holds a long-standing hatred towards his closest friend who has since become a fierce adversary. Regarding the mayhem, Sobek causes, Hammons describes it as “very chaotic.” Yes, Simon continues, “There is a lot happening. It’s an emotional whirlwind. You doesn’t need to pay any single amount of money to get Sflix free movies with no ads.

Genre: 2022FamilyFantasy


Duration: 1h 23m

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.6