This Place Rules 2023

This Place Rules reveals the ideal storm that existed in the months leading up to the Capitol attack and serves as a sobering reminder that these forces are still at work. To meet Dave Todeschini, aka “The Inglorious Patriot,” Andrew travels to North Carolina. Dave operates the “Covfefe with Dave” YouTube channel, where he spews his absurd “intuitive” gibberish. Halloween is the time of year when child-eaters flourish, according to the elderly man who presumably drinks Qanon ramblings with every meal. Restaurants are fronts for kidnapping, murder, and cannibalism, and Biden and Hillary Clinton devour newborns and are pedophiles. Sadly, Dave can’t attend the protests in DC since the state won’t let him. Andrew does, however, locate a substitute to speak with on the DC streets. Browse latest 2023 movies and tv shows on Sflix website for free.

Duration: 1h 22

Quality: HD

IMDb: 7.5