The Secret Kingdom 2023

The Secret Kingdom is more about spirit and ingenuity than combat or violence; It’s a old story in which the hero can wear his dressing gown for the entirety of the movie, which is fine. It’s a family adventure that sees how two siblings adjust to a new home. JK Rowling didn’t invent such a narrative, she just provided a particularly elaborate variation on it, and Drummond takes a one-way approach to providing entertainment. As the film immerses the children and the audience in this fantastical world, the magic of the story and the scenes of the film come alive, the adventure reveals a treasure trove of mysterious creatures. Stream The Secret Kingdom full movie online on Sflix. If you have a smartphone, computer, laptop etc. devices you can access latest movies easily on the platform.

Genre: 2023AdventureFamily


Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 7.7