The Magicians Elephant 2023

The story takes place in the formerly magical city of Baltese, which has since lost its wonder and magic due to a major battle and is now shrouded in ever-present clouds. A war orphan named Peter is being fostered by a former soldier named Vilna Lutz who found him. When Peter encounters a fortune teller who asks him a question in exchange for a penny, she informs him that his sister, who he believes to be dead, is actually alive and that he can find her by following an elephant. A careless magician accidentally causes an elephant to fall from the sky and cripples wealthy Dowager Madam LaVaughn while trying to motivate a weary crowd in another area of the city. Visit now Sflix streaming website to enjoy full Hollywood movies and tv shows with no popups.

Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.6