The Long Game 2024

The Long Game exposes the racist truth of 1950s Texas to its audience. The oppressive Juan Crow regime in conjunction with the Jim Crow laws of the South reigned supreme exemplified by a sign that explicitly stated “No dogs, no Mexicans”. Despite its distortion of reality The Long Game underscores this fact. Through subtle undertones and instances of microaggressions, the film offers a glimpse into the pervasive racism prevalent in South Texas. When JB and other Mexican-American veterans shared their experiences of being despised for sacrificing their lives in battle it deeply resonated with me. The movie captures both subtle moments at the country club and more profound systemic issues. Sflix movies serves as a platform for films of various genres. Thus, you should be able to locate the movie that you want.

Genre: 2024DramaHistoryMovies


Duration: 1h 52m

Quality: HD