The Idea of You 2024

The Idea of You” revolves around Hayes’s pursuit of Solene. He discovers her art gallery and makes the bold decision to buy every piece in her collection. This action sets off a chain of events with paparazzi and fans invading their lives. Hayes becomes the center of attention everywhere he goes.But deep down what Hayes truly wants is a connection with Solene. He longs for her to see him as more than just a member of a famous boy band. Unfortunately Solene is unsure about their relationship and keeps her guard up. One pivotal moment in the story is when Hayes and Solene have lunch at her place. They open up to each other sharing their personal stories and vulnerabilities. This intimate conversation brings them closer together emotionally. Sflix online is an streaming service that provides customers with access to a large selection of films and TV series.

Genre: 2024ComedyDramaRomance


Duration: 1h 55m

Quality: HD