The Flash 2023

The Flash is the story of a superhero who abuses his superpowers. Barry Allen is learning to adjust to his life as the Flash, a superhero and a new forensic investigator. Her father, Henry, is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of her mother, Nora. One day he discovers that he has another power to go back in time, he can use this power to prevent his own murderous death. Because of this, his father will not have to go to jail. However, Barry still alters events by traveling back in time. He then travels forward in time and discovers that his mother is alive. Her father is also living with her and everything is fine. Soon, he discovers that things are not as good as they seem. What happens next makes up the rest of the movie on Sflix streaming site. You can watch all collection on any devices for free.

Duration: 144 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 7.4