The Family Plan 2023


Wahlberg plays the character of Dan Morgan. He’s just a regular man who works at a car dealership. He loves his family traditions. He’s struggling a little to raise his two teenagers. Nina wants to move from Stanford University to Southern Iowa University in order to follow a male. Kyle doesn’t disclose that he still plays shooter games. It was forbidden to him by his father. There’s a third kid, surprisingly. He’s just old enough to make goofy baby faces and noises while the event takes place. In the first action sequence, the baby has a big part to perform. After a fight broke out in the grocery store, Dan had to repel an assassin. The baby is strapped into a carrier and secured to his chest. This movie’s attractiveness is enhanced by the familiarity that permeates both the action and the comedy. Stream The Family Plan 2023 on Sflix without buying any membership.

Genre: 2023ActionComedyMovies


Duration: 1h 58m

Quality: HD