The End We Start From 2024

The maternal tie between a mother and her child is the main subject of The End We Start From. Jodie Comer plays an unidentified woman who is extremely pregnant at the beginning of the movie. Sitting in the bathtub, she finds herself lost in a thoughtful mood. When it pours rain outdoors for an unforeseen amount of time, the water levels reach a breaking point. As a result, London drowns and anarchy spreads throughout the city. Comer’s character gives birth in a hospital that is straining to accommodate the influx of patients during this chaotic time. She decides to go to the country, where she thinks there may be some safety, after realising how urgent the situation is. To watch the full story in HD quality, visit Sflix.

Genre: 2024DramaMoviesThriller


Duration: 1h 42m

Quality: HD