The Bricklayer 2024

It tells the tale of Steve Vail, who appears to be a regular guy. Working as a bricklayer, he punches a timecard. After work, he listens to Miles Davis and opens a beer. Then, we find out that this man has a history. Vail was in the CIA once. He was the agency’s greatest dirty deeds performer until he resigned amid suspicion. Radek, Vail’s old friend, appears to have turned evil. Vail’s devoted right-hand guy for tasks that aren’t documented is Radek. He’s killing journalists now. In order to get money from them, he is framing the CIA. Vail must travel to Greece at the request of the Agency in order to look into these supposed killings. Enjoy full length movie The Bricklayer 2024 on Sflix Movies.

Genre: 2024ActionMoviesThriller


Duration: 1h 50m

Quality: HD