The Boogeyman 2023

The Boogeyman was co-written by Scott Beck, Brian Woods and Mark Heyman. Plus the writing talent and ability of director Savage, who creatively terrified audiences with the inventive footage-esque films The Host and Dashcam. The film begins with a tragedy; I won’t divulge the details here. The therapist Will Harper and his two daughters, teenage Sadie and Sawyer, are quickly introduced to us. Sadie and Sawyer have just lost their mother and are going through the grieving process. This tragedy brings a new client to Will’s office: Lester Billings, played with great creepiness by David Dustmalchian. Stream online The Boogeyman 2023 in full movie in HD quality on Sflix pro.

Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.2