The Boarding School Murders 2024

Frankie is given a unique opportunity to leave her foster care home and attend an exclusive boarding school in Switzerland. However, this incredible chance takes a dark turn when one of her fellow students is murdered, and Frankie becomes the main suspect. Lifetime has expanded its reach to Lausanne, Switzerland, where we witness someone secretly moving a lifeless body to the garden in the middle of the night. The scene then shifts to New York, USA, where Frankie, a teenager who has gained her independence, anxiously waits for news about her acceptance into a prestigious boarding school. Packed and prepared for her journey, Frankie eagerly looks forward to participating in the “helping hands” program. Before leaving, Frankie receives an emotional pep talk from her friend Trina, who gives her a bracelet as a symbol of their friendship. Watch The Boarding School Murders 2024 in HD on Sflix.

Genre: 2024MoviesThriller


Duration: 1h 26m

Quality: HD