The Beekeeper 2024

The movie mentions a beekeeper named Adam Clay. He is at his core a country lad. He raises bees and sells their honey. Statham plays the role of him. This is no ordinary beekeeper. His closest buddy is the elderly Eloise Parker. She lives next to his farmhouse and lets him use a room in her barn. It was only Eloise who ever took care of him. Answering a phishing scam is Eloise’s major mistake. It originates from a data mining company. This emptying the account of a nonprofit and her bank account. Everything ends tragically. Adam swaps his beekeeper attire for a disguise and some commando gear. He moves up the criminal food chain by abiding by the law. Stream the full length movie The Beekeeper 2024 on Sflix in HD video print.

Genre: 2024ActionMoviesThriller


Duration: 1h 45m

Quality: HD