Spaceman 2024

The film ‘Spaceman’ is helmed by Johan Renck and penned by screenwriter Colby Day, adapted from Jaroslav Kalfar’s book. It follows Jakub Prochazka, played by Adam Sandler, an astronaut who embarks on a 189-day solo mission to the outer reaches of the solar system. In the vast expanse of space, Jakub not only reflects on his own thoughts but also grapples with the challenges in his relationship with Lenka, portrayed by Carey Mulligan, who remains on Earth. However, he discovers an unexpected companion in Hanus, a strange spider that mysteriously appears. To unravel his own destiny, Jakub must navigate the intricacies of the spider’s web. This choice proves to be truly remarkable. Stream the complete movie in HD on Sflix.

Duration: 1h 47m

Quality: HD