Snack Shack 2024

Snack Shack is the latest film from writer Adam Rehmeier following the 2020 Sundance film Dinner in America. The film also stars Gabriel Labelle who appeared in 2022 for his role in Steven Spielberg’s The Febelmans. At nearly two hours the 1990 comedy is entertaining enough but feels overdone and full of suspense. AJ and Moose are two best friends who don’t always make the best choices together. As summer approaches they try their latest dubious endeavor creating a sweet pond in a local lake. Knowing that they are head to head these best friends aim to benefit all of them as they navigate teenage friendships love and other adversities. sflix to offers a wide selection of films and television episodes to watch online.

Genre: 2024Comedy


Duration: 1h 52m

Quality: HD