Silent Night 2023


The narrative of John Woo’s latest revenge movie is incredibly obvious. We call the film “Silent Night.” The main couple loses their only kid around Christmas, which is when the story takes place. After a few cars full of rival gang members drove through their area and opened fire on each other, he was hit by a stray bullet that killed him. However, the movie’s title has nothing to do with the same-named Christmas carol. The reason it is dubbed “Silent Night” is that it is a sound-only silent film. Not a single syllable of the written conversation is spoken. The action/revenge movie cliches eventually stop seeming like they’re just familiar and start to appear ritualistic. The protagonist of this type of movie carries around the ruined insides of a wind-up toy to symbolize innocence. Sflix is streaming Silent Night 2023 in premium quality video.

Genre: 2023ActionMovies


Duration: 1h 44m

Quality: HD