The Night Agent S01E01

The Night Agent is a well-written, action-packed thriller about spies and traitors within the US Authority. The protagonist of the story is surrounded by a group of strong, smart women. The story begins with Peter saving a subway car full of passengers from a bomb. The Night Agent is a member of the FBI who stays all night in the White House’s basement in case the phone rings. It hardly ever rings. Peter is a young FBI agent who is called upon by Diane Farr, the President’s chief of staff. Peter, who is working for the President’s chief of staff, Diane Farr, tries to help her and soon becomes embroiled in something beyond his imagination. He thinks he has been fired from this lowly job because he is a suspect in the subway bombing. Watch Online The Night Agent S01E01 full series in HD quality on Sflix pro without any extra cost and advertisement.

Duration: 55 min