The Diplomat Season 1

The story of The Diplomat series is very political but it has thrills and the stakes are high the whole story is well written and it is slow and a bit boring but when the twists and turns start, they don’t stop, and they help. You think about who was responsible for the big issue in the series. The Diplomat Season 1 actor Keri Russell as Kate Wyler, the newly appointed US ambassador to the UK. It wasn’t a job she wanted. The characters are smart, the dialogue sharp, and the surprises and twists abound. It’s interesting and engaging and very well done. Watch The Diplomat Season 1 full series with a user-friendly interface on Sflix pro. The website frequently update so you do not have to worry about watching the latest movies and TV episodes.

Genre: 2023DramaFlixtorThriller

Duration: 50 min