Silo S01 E01

Latest offering is Silo, based on a series of novels by Hugh Howe and developed by creator Graham Yost, based on a cast of well-known film stars such as Rebecca Ferguson, David Oyelowo and Tim Robbins. From its pedigree, Silo has all the makings of a more addictive weekly-style drama for adults, but the series never lives up to the promise of its premise. Silo’s most troubling storytelling obstacle is built into its premise: the audience begins the show with more information than most of its characters, which means we spend almost the entire show two steps ahead of the mystery that unfolds. They are trying to solve. Stream online Silo S01 2023 full series on Sflix Movie without any account in HD 1080p quality.

Genre: 2023DramaSci-Fi

Duration: 59 min