Secret Invasion S01 E01

Secret Invasion begins with a Skrull attack by Everett K. Ross, who is trying to extract information from Agent Prescode about the upcoming Skrull attack. Once he’s done, he kills Prescode and runs away with it. Talos and Maria Hill pursue him, accidentally killing him in the process. Nick Fury makes his much-anticipated return to Earth after spending most of his time in outer space building a space station that will protect humans from extraterrestrial, Thanos-level threats. With the help of director Ali Salim, they set the six-part series in a world we can all relate to. Add in some CGI of the actors changing from Skrulls to humans, and you have an authentic spy-type show. Stream all latest movies and TV series with subtitles on Sflix to. No requaire registration for watching content.

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureDrama