Love & Death S01 E03

In episode 3 of “Stepping Stone”, titled “Love & Death”, Alan finds himself unsure about continuing his relationship with Candy, as he learns that his family is suffering from his emotional unavailability. This decision bruises Candy’s ego and heightens her insecurities, leaving her feeling rejected and frustrated about her place in Alan’s life. One of the opening moments in episode 3 brings up a terrible reflection of herself when her friend tells Betty about her daughter, so her friend declares to Candy that she stresses a lot over others’ thought process of her. Her reaction at the time and her reaction to Alan’s rejection mirror each other. It’s worth remembering that this strongly implies that Candy doesn’t really care about Alan, but what a relationship with him represents. Stream online Love & Death S01 E03 full episode in HD quality on Sflix movies without subscription.

Genre: 2023BiographyCrimeDrama

Duration: 59 min