Love and Death S01E06

The sixth episode of Love and Death begins four months after the murder of Betty Gore. Candy tries to show off Sherry and the rest of town with her new haircut. It is now October 1980. Candy is preparing to go to court as it is jury selection day. However, after Dan’s revelation, Pat believes that Candy actually killed Betty. If that were the case, we might have focused the episode on Pat’s point of view because Candy’s husband, with whom we barely spent any time in the series, has been told by his wife and his team not to go to court. Fans are so enamored with the series that after the premiere of the last episode, they are dying to know when the next one is coming. Stream now Love and Death S01E06 full episodes on Sflix to. You don’t have to pay anything to watchi latest movies and TV series here.

Genre: 2023BiographyCrimeDrama

Duration: 50 min