Loki S02 E02

The TVA deserter X-5, who rose to fame as an actor in 1977, is found by Loki and Mobius in episode 2. Once they have him in custody, they utilise his gadget to track down Sylvie, who is working at a McDonald’s in 1982. After slaying He Who Remains, the TVA’s originator, Sylvie and Loki are still at odds. Sylvie wants to free everyone from the TVA’s tyranny, whilst Loki thinks the TVA is important. When they discover that General Dox, a traitorous TVA leader, intends to prune every branching timeline, taking billions of lives in the process, they band together once more. Before Dox can carry out his plan, they manage to stop him. Sylvie goes back to her routine life as the TVA is crushed by its failure. Best ways to watch the most popular Hollywood movies for free online on sflix online for free in HD Quality.

Duration: 44min min