Griselda Season 1

This crime drama series revolves around the life and experiences of Griselda Blanco, an individual born in Colombia. Throughout the 1980s, she gained prominence as a significant figure in the Miami cocaine trade, earning the title of a queenpin. Speculation also arose regarding her association with the Medellin drugs cartel. In Vergara’s own words, she was described as a woman, a mother, a drug lord, and a killer. The series depicts Griselda’s journey, commencing from the midpoint of her life, as viewers witness her extraordinary ability to transform herself. Despite enduring cramped living conditions in Carmen’s house, Griselda remains resolute in rebuilding her life. She confronts various challenges within the drug trade, including misogyny, machoism, violence, and intimidation. Sflix is streaming the latest TV series Griselda Season 1.

Genre: 2024BiographyComedyDrama

Duration: 5h 30m min