Gen V Season 1

From the hit television series THE BOYS, GEN V is a new, edgy, funny, and bloody as hell spin-off. The story takes place on the Godolkin College campus, where hormones are out of control. “Supes” are the standard. It showcases all the various ways to combine powers in a creative and ingenious way. A lack of self-control among students is the issue. But don’t worry, there are hilarious moments in the first three episodes because of this. Also, viewers are learning that “the woods” is not a destination. The “top ten” and everyone else vying for attention face intense competition. These teenagers have intense sexual desires and are fixated on using drugs as a kind of escape. There were several amusing scenes in Alice in Wonderland. Watch The Gen V Season 1 full series with a user-friendly interface on Sflix pro for free without any subscription charges.

Duration: 52 m min