Fubar S01E01

The action-adventure comedy series FUBAR marks the entry of one of the finest superstars in the world of web content into the film industry. Arnold Schwarzenegger steps into the shoes of Luke Brenner, an aging CIA agent who must undertake one last mission before his planned retirement and, in turn, must deal with family secrets and a series of setbacks. As can be expected from the genre and especially the cast, FUBAR is full of glamorous action sequences and spy-tech stuff, but it also focuses on elements of drama and comedy through its somewhat different screenplay. Overall, FUBAR is enjoyable as a casual watch for Schwarzenegger and genre fans, but the majority of its basic plot and dilemmas involving good versus evil make it a generic action show. Watch Fubar S01E01 TV series online on Sflix in HD quality.

Duration: 55 min min