Citadel S01

Citadel is a globally expansive and futuristic spying series, but it’s almost impossible to find anything original or interesting to say about it. The show follows the story of secret agents Mason Kane and Nadia Singh who work for an organization called Citadel. Their opponents are a nefarious group of oligarchs known as the Manticore. Priyanka Chopra Jones and Richard Madden’s performance at the Citadel gave fans the eye candy they wanted. However, their characters are not fully fleshed out, and their chemistry lacks spark. The plot is full of tropes and archetypes from other detective shows, and the twists are predictable and detached. Stream online Citadel S01 full series high quality print and voice on Sflix to. Here you can watch your favroite movies without ads.

Genre: 2023ActionDramaThriller

Duration: 42 min