BEEF Season 1

Directed by Lee Sung Jin, the series stars Ali Wong as Amy Lau, a successful small business owner who gets into a road-rage feud with a contractor named Danny Chow. This episode marks the beginning of a twisted rivalry between two Asian Americans who come from very different worlds but have similar personalities. We know this, but everyone also knows that road rage is irrational and almost inevitable. Once you feel lightheaded, it’s hard to go back. As the titanic battle unfolds over the days, weeks, and months from those opening moments, “Beef” does a fine job of balancing Amy and Danny’s practical wisdom and impractical passion; His bitterness toward the other driver ebbs and flows as his personal life gets better or worse, and the half-hour drama thrives in these moments. The first four episodes of “Beef” are crafted to perfection, it’s so downright entertaining, you start to wonder how they’re going to maintain the same pitch and pace for 10 full episodes. Watch online BEEF Season 1 in full HD format on Sflixto without any advertisement.

Genre: 2023ComedyDrama

Duration: 39 min