3 Body Problem Season 1

At the height of the Cultural Revolution, in 1966, the series began at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Students were accusing their lecturers in public at this time of being counterrevolutionaries. A young Ye Wenjie saw the crowd, and even members of her own family, turn against her father Ye Zhetai for teaching the Big Bang Theory at this very moment. As the old man was savagely beaten to death in front of the audience, they cheered. When Da Shi arrives at the scene of a scientist’s suicide in London in 2024, a countdown is menacingly scrawled in blood on the walls. The breakdown of physics is one of the contributing elements, since particle accelerators all around the world have started to produce nonsensical outcomes for no apparent reason. Enjoy Season 1 of 3 Body Problem in HD on Sflix.

TV Status: 1h 1m