1923 S01E08

The seventh episode, “1923”, ends with Alexandra meeting her former fianc√©, Arthur, and his family. Banner Creighton is finally arrested, and Kara worries that Jacob will act on her feelings. But he certainly has a piece of advice for them all on how the strongest party in politics preys on the weakest when the time comes. Don Whitfield and Jacob Dutton are doing just that to protect their families. Teona is discovered by the convent’s priests, but she kills them all in self-defense. Her father is also on her way to save her and will probably take her further away to make sure the convent isn’t following her. Her father rescues Hanks’ son, who was hosting Teona and makes sure he survives to take him to be reunited with his daughter. Watch and stream online your favorite genres on Sflix in high definition without any buffering.

Genre: 2023DramaWestern

Duration: 1h 8m min