Self Reliance 2024

“Self Reliance” explores the journey of self-discovery through the connections we make with others. In this narrative, Johnson portrays the character of Tommy. He resides with his mother and follows a mundane routine at his desk job. He wakes up at the same time every day. Tommy has become dishearteningly accustomed to this repetitive cycle. However, one fateful day, as he walks home from work, a luxurious limousine pulls up beside him. The window rolls down, revealing the familiar face of Andy Samberg, the renowned “SNL” star. Samberg insists that Tommy joins him in the car, leading them to a secluded warehouse location. They inform him that he has been chosen to participate in a dark web reality show. People from all over the world will hunt him for the next 30 days. If he manages to survive, he will be rewarded with a million dollars. Stream the latest movie Self Reliance 2024 on Sflix Free Movies in HD quality.

Genre: 2024ComedyMoviesThriller


Duration: 1h 25m

Quality: HD