Nanny 2022

Former teacher Aisha leaves her son in Senegal and travels to New York City to find work as a nanny for affluent families in order to support herself. She accepts a position caring for Rose, whose photojournalist father Adam spends little time at home. Amy, Rose’s mother, is stressed out, overworked, and occasionally intrusive. Things start out smoothly, and Aisha and Rose quickly become close. The doorman Malik, whose mother is a priestess and welcomes Aisha into their home, also begins dating Aisha. Aisha soon discovers, however, that she must remind Amy and Adam to pay her for any overtime she works. She starts to experience a number of unsettling visions, including spiders, unexpected downpours inside buildings, and enigmatic figures. Browse your desired movies and shows via the search bar only on Sflix streaming site.

Genre: 2022DramaHorrorThriller


Duration: 97 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.1