Saltburn 2023


“Saltburn” is effective in upending our preconceived ideas about what behaviour is suitable in public. This is her interpretation of a well-known tale. She exposes the truth of human nature in a rarefied setting through a magnifying glass. This is deliciously, wickedly vicious, and often rather strange. It has lavish production values and avant-garde performances. It’s clear that Fennell wants to irritate and entertain, and for a good while she succeeds in doing so. There’s a hint of The Talented Mr. Ripley in Saltburn. Oliver, who claims that his family is dysfunctional, gets a taste of high life and becomes addicted. Sflix is streaming Saltburn 2023 in HD print without any subscription.

Genre: 2023ComedyDramaMoviesThriller


Duration: 2h 11m

Quality: HD