Road House 2024

Jessica Williams, aka Frankie, needs assistance keeping her tavern in the Florida Keys in order. Frankie follows a tip and ends up meeting Dalton, Jake Gyllenhaal, a dangerously handsome former UFC fighter. Dalton is tempted to visit the village of Glass Key when he is offered a spot on a houseboat and some cash. He accepts the offer and ends up working as the cooler at The Road House, which is regularly broken apart by troublemakers. After taking a look at the chaos, Dalton quickly takes charge of the staff’s efforts to maintain order, which includes turning away men who work for Brandt, including frequent overactor Billy Magnussen, the son of a criminal kingpin who is currently behind bars. Watch Road House 2024 in high definition video on Sflix without paying any charges.

Genre: 2024ActionMoviesThriller


Duration: 2h 1m

Quality: HD