Red Right Hand 2024

Orlando Bloom is taking on the role of Cash in the movie. Cash used to be a drug addict. His hand got burned and turned red as a consequence. This was the price he had to pay to break free from Big Cat’s gang. After his sister passed away due to a drug overdose, Cash is striving to live a calm and peaceful life. He resides in a modest shack on his sister’s land. He assists in running her farm alongside his alcoholic brother-in-law Finney. However, when Finney fails to repay a loan of $100k that he borrowed, Big Cat orders her gang to terrorize Cash’s family. Cash finds himself being pulled back into the dangerous world he tried to leave behind. No matter how much money is offered, Big Cat’s hunger for power and control cannot be satisfied. Stream Red Right Hand 2024 movie on Sflix without any membership.

Genre: 2024ActionMoviesThriller


Duration: 1h 51m

Quality: HD