Polite Society 2023

Polite Society follows Rhea Khan, a London schoolgirl who dreams of using her martial artist training to become a stuntwoman. Her sister Leena is a creative fellow at art school who helps Rhea with stunt practice filming, but soon begins dating Salim, the handsome, rich son of the famous Shah family. Salim and Lina soon announce their engagement and plans to move to Singapore, Lina’s enrollment in art school ends and she is a world away from her younger sister. Rhea is dismayed by her sister’s decision and soon begins to suspect that something is not right with the Shah family, especially Salim’s mother Rahila, enlisting her friends Elba to help end her sister’s marriage is and enlists Clara. Now streaming is free for Polite Society 2023 full movie on Sflix pro in HD quality.

Genre: 2023ActionComedyFlixtor


Duration: 103 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 7.0