One More Shot 2024

One More Shot is a continuation of the narrative introduced in One Shot. This follow-up takes place 12 hours after the events of the previous installment. The story centers around Harris. He is assigned the duty of escorting the same prisoner, Amin Mansoor, to Washington DC for interrogation. The stakes have risen significantly, as there is now a concealed dirty bomb somewhere in the city. This bomb is programmed to explode simultaneously with the State of the Union address on Capital Hill. In an effort to apply pressure on Mansoor and uncover the bomb’s whereabouts, the CIA has brought along his heavily pregnant wife to persuade him. Harris, having already experienced the loss of members from his own team, is more than willing to hand Mansoor over to the CIA. Watch One More Shot 2024 on Sflix in HD quality.

Genre: 2024ActionMoviesThriller


Duration: 1h 43m

Quality: HD