Missing 2023

Kaede Harada, an adolescent, is asked to pick up her father, Santoshi after he is caught shoplifting in the opening scene of Missing. Santoshi has been in a depressing spiral for some time. He has been in grief since his wife passed away, his business has failed, and he is heavily in debt. Although berating her father for her actions, Kaede has in many ways taken on the role of carer. Santoshi, however, advises her to seek down the Unnamed serial killer in order to collect the prize money and put his life back on track. As Kaede wakes up the following morning without her father, she begins to consider Santoshi’s proposal seriously. Browse full Sflix free movies online without buying any plans.

Genre: 2023DramaThriller


Duration: 111 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 7.4