Migration 2023

The Mallards are a family of ducks whose story is told in this film. Somewhere in New England is a lovely pond where they live. Kumail Nanjiani, as Father Mack, is content to remain where he is. Caspar Jennings, the son, and Tresi Gazal, the daughter, wish to move to Jamaica for the winter. Their mother, Pam Elizabeth Banks, wants to go too. They succeed in setting the parrot Delroy free while making a stop in New York. It comes out that he is a Jamaican. He knows how to get them to the island in the tropics. Jason Marin, the chef, enjoys creating orange duck and is now planning to offer actual duck as his next meal. It’s obvious that Migration is a tale of overcoming adversity and exploring the world’s possibilities. Stream Migration 2023 in HD on Sflix at zero subscription charges.

Duration: 1h 23m

Quality: HD