Marlowe 2023

Clare Cavendish, a member of society, pays private investigator Philip Marlowe a visit in the year 1939 of MARLOWE. Clare argues that Nico Peterson, who has been missing since being reported dead, is still alive, so she pays him to find him. When Nico’s sister, Lynn, is brutally murdered, things get even more complicated. As Marlowe continues his investigation, he enters a world of discredited actors, crooked merchants, and nefarious plotters like Lou Hendricks and Floyd Hanson, all of whom lead to a significant figure known as The Ambassador. Marlowe joins forces with Hendricks’ driver, Cedric, to take matters into his own hands after Hanson makes his move. Browse Sflix website, you can enjoy here Hollywood titles with no ads.

Duration: 110 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.1