Malum 2023

“Malum” is directed by Anthony DeBlasi and written by DeBlasi and Scott Pooley. The premise of the films is the same: a rogue female cop working her last shift in a haunted prison. “Malum” isn’t very original, can be repetitive, and some of the acting is lackluster from the supporting cast members. Jessica Lorraine is played by Jessica Sula in “Malum”. However, the film excels in some terrifying horror sequences, and the lead performances carry the film to its weakest moments. “Last Shift,” a 2014 horror film, is reimagined in a slightly gritty way in Malum.” Throughout the remainder of “Malum,” Jessica encounters baffling and terrifying situations at the police station. Sflix Pro is best way to watch latest movies and TV series without signup and irritating ads.

Genre: 2023DramaHorrorThriller


Duration: 92 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 5.8