Madame Web 2024

Back in 1980, Madame Web, a fascinating character from Marvel Comics, made her debut in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #210. In a captivating storyline, Dakota Johnson portrays Cassie Webb, an EMT in New York City, who starts having visions of the future after a near-death experience. These visions revolve around three teenage girls: Juila acted by Sydney Sweeney, Mattie played by Celeste O’Connor, and Anya portrayed by Isabella Merced. Unfortunately, their lives are in jeopardy as Ezekiel Sims, a man with spider-like abilities, believes that they will be the cause of his own demise. As Cassie embarks on a mission to save the girls, she also uncovers the intricate link between her own powers and Ezekiel’s. Watch Madame Web 2024 movie in multiple resolution on Sflix.

Duration: 1h 56m

Quality: HD