Lisa Frankenstein 2024

“Lisa Frankenstein” concocts a horror-comedy with stale ingredients. Lisa Swallows is the primary character. She perfectly captures the traditional outsider archetype. Her traumatic past—which includes seeing her mother killed—puts her and her evil stepsister and stepmother on a collision course. Lisa is portrayed by Newton with a range of emotions. But even while Lisa is likable, nothing about her conduct draws the viewer in or amuses them. Lisa finds comfort in Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery after a humiliating incident in high school, where her romantic daydreams mix with the paranormal. She meets Cole Sprouse’s lovely suitor, a mysteriously charming guy from the 19th century who has been brought back to life. Stream the complete movie Lisa Frankenstein 2024 in HD on Sflix without any subscription.

Genre: 2024ComedyHorrorMoviesRomance


Duration: 1h 41m

Quality: HD