Leo 2023


Adam Sandler’s commitment to animation is very amazing. In his latest endeavor, he portrays a lizard that is 74 years old. Leo and two other “class pets” share a tank in a fifth-grade classroom. His tank mate is Bill Burr, a turtle also known as Squirtle. Every student brings Leo home once a weekend. During this time, Leo shows off his speaking abilities. The plot is a tad repetitive as we follow Leo as he brings several children home. The film has very little depth emotionally. The film conveys a poignant message about conquering life’s challenges. Comedic roles are Leo’s strongest suits. Many individuals find amusement in Sandler and Burr’s vocal performances. Sflix is offering you Leo 2023 with premium qualities without any subscription.

Duration: 106 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.1