Leave the World Behind 2023


The most recent courageous person to test out that particular notion is Leave The World Behind. The snooty, affluent married couple Clay and Amanda Sandford are introduced to us in this psychological thriller. They take their children, Rose and Archie, for a vacation to Long Island. They observed malfunctioning devices and an odd occurrence. G.H. Scott, the owner of the rental home, pays them a visit at midnight. They attempt to ascertain the truth as the enigmatic apocalypse engulfing them deepens. The film takes a while to live up to the hype. Polluting vehicles and conflicting wildlife uprisings are common themes. The concept of relying too much on technology is less developed. Sflix is streaming the latest movies Leave the World Behind 2023 at zero cost.

Genre: 2023DramaMoviesThriller


Duration: 2h 18m

Quality: HD