Lady Ballers 2023


Athletes like swimmer Lia Thomas are criticized by Lady Ballers for unfairly competing against biological women. The movie allows the conservative hegemony to constantly make fun of various progressive targets. The movie’s premise is really straightforward. It is all that a comedy ought to be. A disgraced coach and his ex-athletes choose to capitalize on the newly created transgender-inclusive atmosphere. They are attempting to rule the sport of women’s basketball. Coach Rob is Jeremy Boreing, co-CEO of Daily Wire. He is a struggling single father attempting to relive his heyday. The movie doesn’t focus on transgender people specifically. Transgender women are competing against their biological counterparts. sflix movies is streaming the latest movie Lady Ballers 2023 in HD quality without asking for any subscription.

Genre: 2023ComedyMoviesSports


Duration: 1h 52m

Quality: HD