Kandahar 2023

Directed by Rick Roman Waugh and written by Michelle LaFortune, “Kandahar” seems to be heavily influenced by depicting all the international locations where the story is set to take place. “Kandahar” was originally filmed in Saudi Arabia. Michel LaFortune’s script offers thoughtful writing with a political-minded bent. It has a lot of conversational drama, but the screenplay is not captivating. The list of characters and factions and how they are working with or against each other is exhausting, but the focus of the story is on Moe and Tom’s relationship and their desire to survive. Their friendship is important to the story, but you have to suspend disbelief because it’s not possible for these two to develop such a close relationship in such a short period of time. Stream Kandahar full HD movie online with Sflix streaming site at home without any membership.

Genre: 2023ActionThriller


Duration: 119 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.2