Inside 2023

Nemo, a burglar played by Willem Dafoe is imprisoned inside a lavish penthouse after he steals some works of art. He is left to fend for himself, with nothing but his memories and a few fish for companionship. The movie is a suspenseful and compelling examination of loneliness, identity, and art, and Dafoe gives a brilliant performance that carries the entire thing. Vasilis Katsoupis, the director, envelops the audience in a tense atmosphere while simultaneously revealing glimmers of empathy and humor. Although the movie is occasionally slow-moving, repetitive, and depressing, it is a daring and original attempt that highlights Dafoe’s talent and magnetism. Catch all collections of Sflix 2022 without any hassle and ads.

Duration: 105 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.4